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Our Philosophy

Our clients are not broken in need of fixing, but on a journey trying to reach forward to a better life.


  • Life doesn’t come with instructions.

  • We know you want to get it right.

  • We believe you can.

  • We want to help!


To bring a brighter future to a hurting world!


To inspire H.O.P.E. in a brighter future by providing

Healing Opportunities and Personal Empowerment!


Healing Opportunities:


In life, all people will eventually need healing from anxiety, depression, grief and loss, anger, trauma, abuse, or anything else that causes emotional pain. Healing is achieved in an environment of safety and acceptance. HopeLink provides this environment.

Personal Empowerment:


Personal empowerment is harnessed when one’s strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, and values are combined with effective strategies to shape the life one desires. HopeLink employs proven strategies to help you implement the changes necessary to move forward to a rich and satisfying life.

Core Values

Our core values are described using the acronym CREEDS and serve as the foundation for who we are.


  • Compassion - (We genuinely care)

  • Responsiveness - (We respond in a timely manner)

  • Ethics - (We do what's right)

  • Effectiveness - (We learn, grow and do what works)

  • Dynamic – (We work together for success of the team)

  • Selfcare - (We care for ourselves to care for others – “Don’t become the woodcutter who is too rushed to sharpen the ax.” Yalom

Client Commitment Statement

HopeLink is committed to the success of those we serve, while providing an emotionally safe and respectful environment.  We commit to provide you with…

  • The dignity and respect you deserve.

  • A place where your voice will be heard.

  • A compassionate and confidential atmosphere to discuss personal concerns.

  • Specialized therapeutic assistance to help you adjust to life circumstances or overcome psychological and emotional distress.

  • Competent skills and expertise to address your specific needs or we will refer you to additional resources. 

  • Services that foster the development and behaviors necessary to reach your goals and live a rich and satisfying life.

  • Professional services for clients from all backgrounds, ages, and walks of life within our scope of expertise.

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